Volunteering at A New Dawn is not always easy however it is so rewarding.  We are all there for one imporant goal to place some very special animals into loving homes.

A New Dawn tries to be more like a home to our animals instead of a shelter. One made never know what animal maybe rooming around it could be some of our dogs or one of our special cats. while always keeping thier safety in mind.


We have two shifts that one can choose from the morning and afternoon. No mater what shift you work, we are all a part of A New Dawn family, which means no one is more imporant than anyone else.


The morning shift starts at 8:30 A.M.  We feed the animals, let them go outside, and clean the shelter. You also play with the babies and love on them.  We leave when all the work is done.


The afternoon shift is noon till 4:30. We clean, talk to potential adoptors, take phone calls, do lundary and most inportant play with the babies.

If you are 18 or up , if you are ten or up and a parent is willing to come with you.   We would be honored to have you join our family.