Our Dogs


All of our dogs are up to date on vaccines, microchipped, heartworm tested, spayed/neutered, kept on Heartgard,  flea prevention and they see a  veterinarian. They do have rooms instead of cages, we invite you to come meet the dog in person. We do not have a history on most of the animals up for adoption since we rescue them mostly from cities' Animal Control .  We can only tell you about the behavior that has been exhibited at A New Dawn .  We do not know the specific breed or age.  Once again, because they are rescued we have to guess as to breed and age. Do are social animals, many of our dogs have made friends at A New Dawn. If you are interested in adopting two, please ask an adoption conselor which two are buddies.



Have you ever seen a cuter face than mine?  People say I' m way too active, but I have things to do. I hear the world has a lot to offer which I want to explore with a loving family. Dawn is working on basic commands with me, I'm doing well for a 20 lb, one year old , Male, Terrier Mix  but I'm not perfect. My idea home would be where someone could spend time with me to learn to be a good boy.


ne look at this small, happy boy’s face and you will notice excitement, mischief, and lots of
energy just waiting for you to come to play. Spencer is approximately 6-7 months old,
parentage unknown, and will liven up any household. He is currently beginning his series of
vaccinations and will be available after the 2
set is administered. Then he can go home with a
puppy contract (he must be returned for neutering when his appointment time is set). However,
applications are being taken at the address below for screening, and if approved, an
appointment will be set for you to come meet and play with him. He is certainly entertaining..
A New Dawn Pet Adoption
, 202 W. San Augustine, Deer Park
One look at my small happy face, you will notice excitement, mischief and lots of enery waiting for you to come and play. Spencer is my name,  I'm a six to seven months , who parentage is unknown. Please put in an application for me, you won't be sorry.


I'm very sad.  I had an approved adoption and was ready to join a new family.  However, the adoptive family had a change of heart and chose not to take me home. This l'm 6-month-old guy has a regal name for a small 6-7-month-old boy, but it suits me well.  I'm handsome, happy, super energetic and hungry for someone to be with who will play me.  I'm have one paw with a white sock and a white blaze on his chest. The rest is a shiny gorgeous black.  Come see me , you won't be sorry.

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