Our Dogs


All of our dogs are up to date on vaccines, microchipped, heartworm tested, spayed/neutered, kept on Heartgard,  flea prevention and they see a  veterinarian. They do have rooms instead of cages, we invite you to come meet the dog in person. We do not have a history on most of the animals up for adoption since we rescue them mostly from cities' Animal Control .  We can only tell you about the behavior that has been exhibited at A New Dawn .  We do not know the specific breed or age.  Once again, because they are rescued we have to guess as to breed and age. Dogs are social animals, many of them have friends at A New Dawn. If you would like to know which two are buddies, please ask  one of our adoption's  counselor.



A New Dawn isn't sure what kind of mix, I could be or even my age. Dawn thinks  I might be nine weeks old which means I will be a medium size dog. Of course, we will  all know more after I go to see the veterinarian. I'm a very laid back puppy and love to play with others. I will be  able to go home after November 19 on a puppy contract.


I'm a perfect  two month old, female Chihauhua mix puppy . I'm sure to entertain you will you watch me play with my toys and do my everyday tricks. I will also make your heart melt with kisses and many snuggles.  I will be  able to go home after November 19 on a puppy contract.


I maybe small however I make up for it with my big personality! I love to play and show people how cute I can be while playing with my toys. Tell the turth have you ever meet a three month old Male  Terrier as cute as me, I bet not! I can go home the week of November 26 on a puppy contract, so I can get  more shots and fixed

; Max

Some people don't like my name. They say Max is a boring name, it means a lot to this three year old Male Dachund mix cause it was given to me by Dawn herself. I over heard her say I look like the dog  in the movie The Grinich who stole Christmas. Did you see  the movie ? I did but unlike the Grinich, I love everyone. I  also seem to be housebroken which is a bonus.  I  can go home after  Nov 20 but I will need to come back to get fix

I'm a sweet but active seven month old female Dachhund mix who loves to give kisees. Come by and get your kisses just ask for Mindy. I'm ready for my forever home

  I'm too scared for a two year old, Female all I can do
is shake. I had a family, who turn me into the city shelter , then I came to A New Dawn. Dawn and her staff love me everyday, however all I dream about is a home that will love me like a part of the family forever !

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