Just Us

Our beloved former Vice President George Hughes and his New Dawn's dog Pete. Sadly,   George died March of 2019 and Pete followed in June. They are missed more and more everyday. Patty of Pasadena Pet Aliance came by to give A New Dawn a donation and meet Nolan. We thank you and our fuzzy babies thank you too. Barbara is having fun at the dog show. I have one question  where is her dog? Cathy, Carol, and Vicki all at Kroger in La Porte  fundraiser for A New Dawn.  We would like to thank everyone.  Fun was had by all    
Look at what  the La Porte's Korger floral department made for A New Dawn.  We feel so special, thank you! Debbie, Dawn, and Babara at the early  morning Deer Park's Chamber meeting. Not a bad looking group for the morning.lol Our Dexter, now Dax,rocking his lobster costume My so call " friends" left me when they heard the word picture.
Our Wedneday afternoon volunteer, Debbbie with her Labs. Our Tuesday afternoon volunteer with her New Dawn dog, Mocha This little baby would make  bathttime fun What a big cute beanie baby    
Our very own Cinnamon and Hugs, now known as Cookie ans Biscuit A spooky good time was had by this crowd! Thank you staff of Deer Park Animal Hospital! I think we all had a great time. Thank you to everyone who participated
$390.00 was raised for the babies of A New Dawn Pet Adoption!
Me and Mom setting up a table        

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